What’s this all about then?

The Really Strange Record Club is a place to meet with like-minded people whose taste in music is as adventurous as yours. We'll listen to records, hang out and have a good time. Come and join us!

What’s the newsletter for?

This newsletter is where all the action is. We’ll use it to announce upcoming events, preview or poll the records we might be listening to, and share other treats along the way.

We hope it’ll eventually become a bulletin board for the adventurous / experimental / DIY / weirdo music community in our corner of East London. Join us and let’s make exciting things happen!

I have more questions.

Hopefully you’ll find some answers on our website here. If not, drop us an email and we’ll do our best to help!

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The Really Strange Record Club is a regular listening social based in Waltham Forest, London. Bring along a record you love and listen to it with fellow heads - or just turn up and have your mind blown. It's freeform and genre-free - as music should be.